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19th June at 19:00, Espacio Oculto

A British residency will be hosted by Espacio Oculto from 16th – 19th June with a series of workshops run by UK artists culminating in an event of live music, film and exhibitions on 19th June. 

All artists involved are giving their time for free and proceeds from the workshops and event will go towards material costs and supporting the venue´s work.

The artists have been working in Madrid as part of the Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme coordinated by Beam ( (Wakefield) in partnership with una mas una (Madrid).

Workshops are 10 euros each (includes entrance to the event) and 5 euros for unemployed.

19th June pARTIE: entrance fee is 2 euros.
Doors will open at 19.00 p.m with live performances and end at 22.30 p.m.

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* Workshops will be delivered by English and Spanish artists

** For more information or to book a place then please email including the word pARTIE in the subject

Miniature Worlds

Lili Barcroft & Amaya Hernández

16/06 – 17/06 from 11:00 to 14:00

During this two-day workshop you will be working with a professional theatre set designer and a visual artist. You will experiment with a range of materials and model making techniques to develop your own unique 3D miniature world, which will be placed inside a box. These boxes will be a representation of what you would like to see in the future.

Life Drawing Workshop

Susan Cairns & Patricia Iglesias

18/06 from 19:00 to 21:00

Come and use a range of materials and practice different techniques over a two-hour workshop involving different techniques designed to take away part of the participant’s control and open up new styles and ways of image making.

Leave with new skills, ideas and a fresh perspective on drawing! 

Madrileño Ceramic Collage

Harriet Lawton

18/06 17:00 to 19:00 and 19/05 16:30 to 18:30

This workshop will be led by Harriet Lawton, an artist who explores ceramic patterning to inspire her mixed-media textile pieces. You will use ceramic imagery taken from the streets of Madrid to create your own plate or tile design. You will work with mixed-media techniques including collage and stitch to achieve either a paper or fabric-based option.

Lions & Tigers & Pears

Claire Donaldson and Inés Arroyo

17/06 18:30 to 21:00

A zine workshop inviting participants to reinterpret and represent ‘childhood memories’ in a collective publication. We will explore the culture of zine and self-publishing, look at examples of existing zines and draw inspiration from surrealist artwork. Reusing images and text from a range of printed magazines, newspapers and catalogues and annotating this with your own text and drawing, each participant will produce their individual page of our zine, which we will exhibit at the main event.

Please feel free to bring along any artistic materials or sources of inspiration for use in the workshops.

Your Story/ My Story

Paula Varjack and Esther Al-Muharrijar 

19/06 16:00 to 18:30

A writing and performance workshop exploring biography and autobiography. Using improvisation, automatic writing and short writing exercises, participants will engage in tasks and writing prompts inspired by their own stories, and the stories of other participants. The city and neighborhood will also be used as a point of inspiration.

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Live performances from 19:00 to 22:30

Xisco Rojo

Xisco Rojo is a Madrid-based musician who practices a style  halfway between chamber folk, primitivism and psychedelia. His focus on acoustic shreds and atavic imagery create a very special mood at his shows, both solo or with a backing band comprising viola, trumpet and drums.

Charles Lavaigne

Charles Lavaigne is a Dominican musician with an emotive and soulful voice. His musical style is very versatile and writes music deeply rooted in folk through to rock with many different styles thrown in the mix. He will be performing here solo and is a must see!

Catherine Wallace

Catherine Wallace is a London based artist who writes folk-infused tales of love and loss. Joining her live in Madrid are jazz trumpeter, Tom Rees and female singers Katie Rogers and Jennifer Edwards who together create an introspective and atmospheric racket.


Sef enjoys live above everything, the closer and the more acoustic, the better. Sometimes he invites the public to join. His two inaugural pieces, the album Debout and the vídeo Independencia (hymn), an ambitious long take with live sound were autoedited at the beggining of this year. Since he was chosen as a finalist by Metthew Herbert in Greenspace 2005, he has performed in old gyms, theaters, woods, hairdressing saloons and in some concert halls.

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Closet (8’’)

A short horror film by Adam Z. Robinson. Directed by Nick Coupe. Starring Amy Marchant and David Burnett.

This is the second collaboration by filmmakers Adam Robinson and Nick Coupe. Their 2013 film Go On, My Son, funded by the Roundhouse, London, was a hit online, garnering over 20,000 hits in its first three days. Adam is currently working on a short film Yo Sueño Con Una Noche de Verano in Madrid with actress Judith Viloria. His short film Splitting, directed by Ed Rigg (Passenger, 2013; No Smoking, 2012), produced by Hare Meets Tortoise, is due for release later this year.

Mi historia / Tu historia
(work in progress)

An audiovisual installation exploring urban sites through personal connection and memory, challenging the typical patterns of sites promoted as relevant to tourists. This bilingual and bicultural project, juxtaposes stories of Madrid residents (of various ages and backgrounds), against the narrative of a foreign visitor far from home.

by Paula Varjack  with sound design by Ania Przygoda


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